Peace Corp Timeline

May 25th, 2012

Started the Peace Corp application. It was bad timing since I was still working on finals. I didn’t complete it until a couple months later as you will see below

July 25th

Completed Application including the Health Status Review form and submitting my letters of recommendation. I had to get everything submitted before July 27th since that was the cut off before PC started the new application portal. Stated in the application that I could depart April/May 2013. At this time I decided to move back home to Texas,. I was previously living in NYC and now had to find a job to support me while I applied to the Peace Corp

August 3rd

Received an email stating that I would be receiving an email from the Peace Corps Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) inviting me to complete the Health History Form

August 15th

Received an email asking me to fill out the Health History Form on the MAP

August 16th

Completed the Health History Form

September 7th

Received a call from Peace Corps recruiter in Dallas to set-up an interview. We set-up an interview for October 9th. Received an email confirming the meeting and letting me know to dress in business attire

October 2nd

I was offered a job that would last for one year and had to reschedule my in-person PC interview for a phone interview

October 9th

Had my phone interview but it was cut short since I had to change my departure date to Sept/Oct 2013 to accommodate my new job. My recruiter suggested we move the interview to January since they would have a better idea of what countries would be open in the Fall by then

December 3rd

Set-up an interview date for January 2 in the Dallas PC office and received an email confirming it

January 2nd, 2013

Had my interview. It went pretty good and I was excited about my prospects.

January 11th

Received my nomination email, Sector: Education, Tentative Departure Month: October 2013. After that I turned in my fingerprints and didn’t hear anything from medical

March 25th

Emailed MAP asking if there were any forms I needed to fill out since I hadn’t heard anything from them since my nomination.

March 26th

MAP notified me that they didn’t need any additional documentation at the time. They stated “You are already a viable candidate for placement and at this point in the application process you are awaiting review by the Placement Office.” I called the Placement Office and they said if I didn’t hear anything by April 15th I should call back since that’s when those leaving in the Fall should be receiving their nominations

April 12th

Received an email from the Placement Office stating “due to some programmatic changes, we will no longer be considering you for a program departing in October 2013. This is purely a programmatic issue. The good news, is that based on our programmatic needs and your skills I do have a new program in mind for you, departing in March 2014.” Obviously I was extremely disappointed but I tried to look on the bright side, that I was a likely candidate for the program leaving in March 2014. The email also stated that “beginning in July/August 2013, your application will undergo a two tiered placement assessment. Assuming you are determined to be qualified for placement, you will be issued an invitation. Invitations are issued at least 4 months before program departure.” At least I knew what the next steps would be

June 14th

I received an email from the placement office asking me to fill out the English Teaching Questions. I filled that out immediately and submitted it 2 hours later to placement. I started reading up on other people’s timelines at this point and joined the Future Peace Corp Volunteers Facebook group to help me during this time. I’m getting excited about receiving an invitation but I know it won’t be for a while

June 24th

Contacted the placement office to ask where I am in the application process and they said I should hear something by mid-September. Fingers crossed. I’m one month from my application anniversary…if that is a thing.

July 8th

I received my invitation today!!! Indonesia, English Teacher, March 14, 2014. I can’t believe it and I can’t believe I have 8 months before staging. I am really excited and ready to start the much dreaded but highly anticipated medical clearance process. One goal down, now a thousand more tasks to go.

July 17th

I turned in my Resume and Aspiration Statement

September 17th

Received an email from the Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) stating that all the tasks I need to complete for final medical clearance were posted to MAP

January 30th, 2014

I received final medical and dental clearance. Sometime in January they contacted me saying I had tasks to complete, I uploaded the wrong document, there were a couple of shots I hadn’t had a booster for (how did I get into Undergrad and Graduate school without them?!), and I didn’t upload the panoramic x-ray from my dentist. After I got that cleared up, which literally took me a couple of hours, I uploaded the documents and in about a week or possibly less they gave me final medical and dental clearance

February 14, 2014

Perfect Valentine’s Day gift, I received an email with my staging info and flight info to Indonesia. I arranged my flight and will be leaving home March 14th for San Francisco. Staging is from 12PM-7PM and then we fly out to Indonesia March 15th


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